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Parshah Columnists

Guest Columnists
The Story of Your Life
You are Jonah. The real you, for “Jonah”—in Kabbalistic parlance—is another name for the soul. Hence, the story of Jonah is the story of a soul’s journey here on earth.
Dispatching the Goat
There are two ways to view human life, as mutually exclusive as they are fundamental. Our existence is either a result of intention, or of accident. And the corollary follows directly: Either our lives are meaningful, or they are not...
Why Is Torah Law So Restrictive of Contact Between the Genders?
Should any physical contact that is friendly be considered intimate? Hopefully, it should.
Yom Kippur (Morning) Haftarah Companion
For an informed reading of Isaiah 57:14–58:14
Weekly Sermonette
Moral is Normal
Since there are people out there who, tragically, may have lost a leg, this would mean that the “average” person has something like 1.97 legs. But that isn’t quite “normal.” A normal person still has two legs...
Parshah Messages
Temper Your Ecstasy
The Yom Kippur Torah reading begins with the words: "The L-rd spoke to Moses after the death of Aaron's two sons, when they drew near before the L-rd, and they died." What bearing does this prefatory verse have on our personal Yom Kippur service?
Reflections on the Parshah
Community Dis-service
A heightened sense of community responsibility is imperative -- but is that the highest priority?
The Freeman Files
At Onement
On Yom Kippur we embrace. Our harmony is no longer a harmony of "should", but a harmony of "is". All is forgiven. At onement
Do We Love Too Much?
A love relationship can thus be compared to an electrical circuit: should the resistance fall, the circuit will “short” and burn out.
Beyond Speech
On the Haftarah: Close To G‑d, One With G‑d
For the Morning Yom Kippur Service, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
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