There are multiple universes, and you can travel to any one of them on any day.

There is one universe in which you stand at the center while all else orbits about you.

There’s another universe where someone else stands at the center and everything orbits around him or her.

And both are true, real universes, because each of us truly is responsible for the destiny of our world, as the Mishnah says, “Every human being must say, ‘The universe was created for me to repair.’”

The equipment you need for your journey is already yours. Because if you can understand that you are the center of your world, you can understand how the other guy is the center of his.

Just adjust your mind, open your heart, and envision the universes of these other beings.

Then go treat them accordingly.

Yes, you can become a multiverse trekker without even walking out your front door. You don’t even have to leave yourself behind.

Reshimot 44.