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Guest Columnists

Sweet and Sour Isaac
Life Lessons From the Parshah
Why Isaac's Wells Lasted, and Abraham's Did Not
Each of the three forefathers typified something unique, a particular “brand” that was thereafter permanently imprinted into the Jewish DNA.
Heroic Humility
As any child of a super charismatic parent knows, growing up in the shadows can be hard. Part of that is due to our worship of the extrovert.
Different Yet Identical
Indeed, everything we learn about Abraham and Isaac seems to cry out: Different! That if ever there were a father and son who seemed so unlike one another, it was these two highly individualized personalities.
How Rebecca Learned to Fly
Some of us thrive as a result of a challenging environment—our struggles refine our characters and make us even greater people. And sometimes, no matter what we do, we cannot seem to rise above the circumstances of our birth . . .
Digging Wells
Rather than reaching up for the Divine you went further down instead, digging wells, only to find that the waters down there have the same blueness of which the heavens are made. You extended the distance between the heavens and the earth; thus you established an outpost, promoting a vigorous circulation between the heavens and the new frontier
Rivers of the Soul
All Jews are well-diggers, even today. Whatever you do for your physical livelihood and your spiritual livelihood, all depends on digging lasting wells...
Getting Healthy
Esau is born red and as hairy as an adult, and so he remains—red, intense, driven, violent. Jacob is born with his issues as well. Timid, a bookworm, Mama’s boy. Yet he is willing to acknowledge and confront Esau...
The Challenge of Being an Isaac
An Essay on Toldot
Why Did Isaac Dig So Many Wells?
What does well-digging look like in modern times?
 Did Esau Mend His Ways?
The world can be a confusing place at times. Don’t be fooled by grand gestures designed to make a good impression.
Isaac and the Egypt Problem
Do you see your regular, everyday interactions as your own, unrelated to who you are as a spiritual person with a G‑dly mission?
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