Guest Columnists

Believing Is Seeing
Perception has come to be synonymous with reality, but perception depends less on what we see than who we are.
Why the Soul Loves the Body
Body and soul are opposites. The soul wants nothing more than to escape heavenward, to leave its existence in this world and reunite with its Infinite Source. The body, on the other hand, seeks to experience an earthly life full of earthly pleasures.
Chewing It Over
Why would anyone feel euphoric just because they can see where the floor in their kids’ room is? Men might chalk it up to insanity, or to simply being one of those girl things, but I prefer to attribute it to spiritual sensitivity . . .
Sweeten Your Marriage with Dream Power
As a marriage therapist, I advise clients to take the time to actively engage in positive daydreams about their marriage. Create positive visual images has a tremendous affect.
Count Down to Charity
The wealthy fellow politely explained how he would love to give but can’t, because he already gave his share of charity for the year . . .
Judaism and Vegetarianism
For better or for worse, meat is an undeniable favorite on the kosher menu. Is this good? Let’s have a look . . .
Name of the Parshah - Re'eh
What, exactly, is the Torah demanding in asking us to “see” G‑d’s blessings and curses?
The Most for the Least
What better way to integrate my learning than to think about its implications in everyday life?
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