Vayelech - And He Went

The Parshah of Vayelech tells us about the last day of Moses' life. He is exactly 120 years old (because he passed away on the same day that he was born—the 7th of Adar) and he knows that he will not be able to go into the land of Israel. He passes on the leadership to Joshuah and then finishes writing a Torah scroll that he gives to the Levites to put in the Ark.

Moses tells them that they will read from this Torah once every seven years on the festival of Sukkot. This will be in the year of Hakhel, the year following Shemittah, when all the Jews—men, women and children—gather together in the Holy Temple and the king reads from the Torah.

The Parshah ends with telling us that although there will be times when the Jews will turn away from G‑d, and G‑d will have to hide Himself from them, they or their children will always come back and the Torah will never really be forgotten.