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Guest Columnists

The Cry of the Holy Sparks
A mystical interpretation of the law of the "beautiful captive"
What If You Mess Up?
What divorce teaches about marriage
Many of the Torah’s laws of marriage are derived from the passage (Deuteronomy 24:1–4) legislating divorce. Isn’t that kinda . . . strange?
Why Was Miriam Punished So Harshly?
I’ve been reading the biblical story where Miriam speaks ill about her brother Moses, and her punishment seems completely disproportionate to her “crime.”
Vinegar for the Soul
For survivors of trauma, the ability to let go of frightful memories is essential to the healing process.
Respecting the Earth, and Our Part in It
Well before environmental spokespeople were echoing a call for greater sensitivity towards the planet planet, G‑d had formulated the concept
Beautiful Women on the Battlefield and the Power of 'No'
Torah doesn’t permit us to have whatever we want just because we want it.
10 Facts to Know About War and Judaism
Some wars were Divinely ordained, for reasons known to G-d alone. Others were necessary for self-defense or other purposes. The ultimate goal, however, is for the world to be at peace.
When you go out to wage war against your enemies, and G-d, your G-d, will deliver them into your hands and you will take captives… (Deut. 21:10)
What Is the Secret to Winning?
When challenges come your way, you can confront them head-on. Better, however, is to come down upon them from above.
On Attempting to
One end of the Torah is here on earth and the other end is in heaven, and it is on this bridge that G-d wants us to walk.
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