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Inner Stream


Habitude of Gratitude: Grace After Meals
When we awaken in the morning, we express words of gratitude, before and after we eat, once again gratitude. Before we go to sleep, some more gratitude.
Transforming our Desert
It is an axiom of Jewish faith that G-d does not perform a miracle in vain. So why this 40-year transformation of the natural order, when G-d could have simply led our ancestors directly into the Promised Land?
The manna was more nourishment of soul than of body, and many Jews were left unsatisfied
Is a mitzvah an offering to G-d by the Jew or a offering to the Jew by G-d?
Why does man gain sustenance from lower life forms?
Be Strong
Should you follow the herd and do what is popular, or buck the trend and do what is right for you?
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