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Parshah Musings

Well Done!
Looking back, it seems ridiculous that I wrestled so long over making up my mind, or that it meant so much to me at the time, but those few days were an agony of indecision.
High Roller
I can just imagine the scene "Roll up, roll up! Where are you and your children going to live and work? Who fancies the mountain region? How about a cottage by the sea? Take your chances. Come one, come all..."
Saved From the Brink
At the very last moment, as the dramatic denouement drew to a close, they had a fleeting moment of remorse. And that was enough to deliver them from their fate.
The Perfect Leader
The Jewish people have been blessed. Throughout history we have been influenced and led by the best. We have followed Moses' prescription for leadership and have survived and thrived through the ages.
My Big Mistake
One of the most embarrassing moments of my rabbinical career happened early in my first year on the job.
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