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Chumash Classes: Tetzaveh, Part 5

The "Tzitz" head band

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Chumash Classes: Tetzaveh, Part 5: The "Tzitz" head band

Chp. 28 verses 36 - 43 & Chp. 29 verses 1 - 2: Continues with clothes worn by the High Priest. The "Tzitz" head band made out of pure gold with the words, "Holy to the L-rd" engraved on it. It was connected by blue threads connected to the cap that the High Priest wore. Moshe was commanded to dress Aaron and his sons in their priestly garments. Afterwards It mentions the linen pants that all the priest wore to teach us that although Moshe dressed them, they came to him wearing their linen pants. Chapter ends with the command that they should wear these special clothing whenever they would minister before G-d in the Temple or Tabernacle so that they would not die.
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