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Do We Love Too Much?
A love relationship can thus be compared to an electrical circuit: should the resistance fall, the circuit will “short” and burn out.
Day One
How can we possibly imagine that in the conglomerate of cells, organs and limbs we call our "body", extending across the hills and valleys of the terrain we call "time", there resides a single and singular "I"?
Does G-d Want Us To Enjoy Ourselves?
The message is mixed
The Fifth Year
Is it what we do, or why we do it? Do we enter life to play a part in a pre-established cosmic plan, or do we also have a role in defining the significance of our actions?
Love Yourself
How can we truly love another? Isn’t that a logical impossibility?
The Things You See
In this world that G-d made, there are no tourists--just local residents. There are no fans in the bleachers--only players on the field. No audience--just actors
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