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Parshah Musings


Just Call
To be a real Jew is to reach out to help others. Sympathy is nice, but that’s just the start of a long journey. The only way to find out what people need is through hard work and determination.
What earthly resemblance do any of these comic book characters have to me or my lifestyle?
Did you read about the quiet schoolboy who dived off a cliff fifteen times into an earthquake of burning buildings while standing in front of oncoming trains and wrestling with wild lions all to save three lost budgies?
What do you reckon the most well known Jewish expression is? In my experience, when Jews want to demonstrate some knowledge or commitment to Judaism, they trot out "Baruch Hashem" – "Thank G‑d!
When you make the decision to abandon your rage, no matter how justified, you exercise self-control and own your own emotions.
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