In the first word of this week's Parshah, Vayikra, the last letter of the word—an Aleph—is written in a smaller size than the rest of the word.

The verse tells us "Vayikra el MosheG‑d called to Moses..."

The small Aleph alludes to Moshe's humility even in the face of such Divine attention. Conversely, we find in the book of Chronicles that Adam's name is spelt with a large Aleph, symbolizing his greatness — and his awareness of it. Awareness of one's good qualities is all well and good, but it must not go to the head. With Adam, it did. Moshe rectified this error. He recognized his greatness but more importantly, he recognized where it came from.

Humility does not mean self-delusion, but rather an awareness of one's talents, tempered by acknowledgement of where they come from. Moshe was aware of his qualities but he did not take any credit for it. In fact, he said: "Were somebody else to be granted these qualities, they would surely do even better."

If we feel inadequate, it is time to remember that we are Adams, with a big Aleph. We are formed by G‑d, empowered by Him to care for His Creation. However we must draw upon the spark of Moshe within us to avoid over-confidence and self-aggrandizement, but to remember Who everything comes from.