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From the Chassidic Masters

Discover what the chassidic masters say about noise and lamps; follow them as they delve into the psyches of two of our greatest leaders.

We’ve heard all about Moses; but who was Aaron?
Oil, Wick, Vessel, Flame
The wick would flare and die. The oil is difficult to ignite at all. But when brought together in the lamp, they produce a steady flame. And so it is in the of the "a lamp of G-d" that is our soul
The two great Torah commentaries of Rashi and Nachmanides debate the arrangement of the bells and pomegranates on the edge of the high priest’s robe. The Rebbe sees this as a discussion on the nature of noise, imperfection and superficiality.
The You of Moses
Moses threatens to leave the Torah, gets put back in, gets left out of our Parshah, but is there more than ever. The result: a rehabilitated people and a more profound Torah.
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