Hebrew school in Evergreen, Colorado, promised to be very exciting and Sarit could not wait.

"This week we will be learning about the ten plagues," Sarit said excitedly.

"Aharon caused the first two plagues by striking the Nile River and pointing his staff at it. Moses could not do this himself, because he had been saved by the river," said Maya.

Mrs. Stein loved her class and saw it as a challenge that many of the students prepared the Torah portion in advance. "Since you know so much about the portion already, let me ask you some questions that will make you think." The class was eager to hear the questions, and they listened attentively.

"Why did G‑d bring the plagues upon the Egyptians in the first place?" asked Mrs. Stein.

"Because they deserved to be punished," answered Sarit.

"But G‑d can punish people in many different ways. Why did He choose to punish the Egyptians with these strange and wondrous plagues? He could have destroyed them all in a single instant. Why did the plagues have to take several months, and why were there so many miracles?"

The girls did not know the answer, so Mrs. Stein continued: "When G‑d told Moses to tell Pharaoh to let the Jews leave Egypt, what was Pharaoh's first reaction?"

"I know," said Sarit. "Pharaoh stubbornly asked: 'Who is G‑d that I must listen to Him?'”

Mrs. Stein continued, "The Egyptians didn't believe in G‑d. So G‑d punished them by bringing supernatural plagues. These miracles forced them to learn about G‑d and to realize how great G‑d is."