So we’re still stuck in Egypt,
‘til G‑d says “That’s it!”
And He sends the ten plagues,
To scare Pharaoh a bit.

A creative combination,
Blood, frogs – all ten.
But what do they mean to us,
When we get down to them?

I would’ve made a plague,
Where elephants stampede.
Why specifically locusts,
That eat with greed?

G‑d could’ve destroyed,
The whole place in a zap.
With a great bolt of lightning,
And a thunder clap.

That’s right, you guessed it!
Those ten were chosen with care.
Representing those things,
Which G‑d cannot bear.

Ten traits, the Egyptians,
Found a way to corrupt.
Ten ways not to live,
G‑d warns us – abrupt.

Egypt’s source of water,
In which they placed all their trust.
Turned bloody, like violence,
Unfaithful, distrust.

The cold blooded frogs,
Then stormed into town.
The enthusiasm for Judaism,
The Egyptians cooled down.

Now the dust off the ground,
Turned them itchy with lice.
A crushed, ‘dusty’ spirit,
Becomes a parasite.
Sucking ones blood,
‘til he’s no strength to fight.

The wild animals roaring,
Are ambition gone wild.
With their eyes on their goal,
They crush man, woman and child.

There’s a moment of rest,
Then the cows start to die.
An epidemic is silent,
All seems fine, yet it’s sly.

Boils, like fire,
They fester and burn.
Now cruelty and anger,
Are having their turn.

Water is loving,
It naturally flows.
But the hails came pounding,
With water that froze.
A love that is icy,
A love that is cold.
Breeds selfish relationships,
Well that’s what I’m told.

The plant consuming locusts,
Left a wide gaping void.
A barren soil remained,
Of spirituality, devoid.

The darkness soon followed,
Cuz they were locked in closed minds.
Haughtiness and pride,
Can leave a person blind.

Now the death of the firstborn,
The heart of the home.
Is a stab to identity,
Our essence, our very own.

With each plague that he struck,
G‑d begged us to see.
How refined behaviour and qualities,
Is what really sets you free!