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Naso Audio Classes

Parshah Class: Naso
Audio | 54:22
Parshah Class: Naso
Get a detailed overview of the weekly Torah portion sewn together with keen insights and timely life messages.
Parshah Insight: Naso
A five minute weekly Torah insight based on the wellsprings of Torah and Chassidut.
Weekly Story for Naso: You Matter!
Why does the Torah list individually each and every gift from the 12 tribes if they are exactly identical? There is a powerful message here how YOU mater. No two people are alike because we each have our own individual mission. This week's story happened with a fellow Chabad on Campus rabbi and rebbetzin who helped a young woman recognize the specific purpose she has in her own life that makes it worth living for.
Torah Gems - Parshat Naso
Experience the gems of the Parshah with the classic commentaries, and a Kabbalistic twist.
Basic Parsha - Naso
Audio | 94:04
Basic Parsha - Naso
An overview of the weekly Parsha, through the eyes of the many commentators, enriching your understanding of how our great history unfolded.
Naso - In Depth
Audio | 22:11
Naso - In Depth
An in depth look at the weekly Parsha based on the talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Parshah Thought: Naso
A five minute weekly Torah thought based on the teachings of Chassidut.
The Chassidic Dimension - Naso
An in depth presentation of Chassidic teachings on the weekly Parshah.
An advanced presentation of Chassidic teachings on the Parshah.
Chumash and Rashi: Naso
Parshah with Rabbi Gordon
Two Minute Rabbi: Naso
A very short insight on the parshah.
The Suspected Adulteress
A Taste of Text—Naso
We are still “married” to our ideals and spiritual vision; we simply need to be reunited with our true, inner selves.
Opening the Sanctuary
How to Study Torah - Naso
"And it was that on the day that Moses finished erecting the Mishkan, he anointed it, sanctified it, and all its vessels, and the altar and all its vessels." (Numbers 7:1) Learn about the process of readying the newly-built sanctuary for daily use, the inaugural gifts of the tribal princes and the opening ceremonies officiated by Moses.
Parsha Gems: Naso (Shavuot)
Study some of the highlights of the weekly Torah portion with insights from various commentaries.
Confession and Repentance
Is It a Mitzvah to Do Teshuvah?
Three perspectives on the definition of Teshuvah and the role of confession. (Based on Likutei Sichos vol. 38, parshas Naso, sicha 1)
Giving a Blessing
Audio | 1:04:57
Giving a Blessing
Practical Parshah - Naso
The kohanim are commanded to bless the people. What is the meaning of a blessing given by one human being to another?
The Priestly Blessings Explained
Parshah Curiosities: Naso
This class carefully analyzes the proverbial Birkat Kohanim (the priestly blessings), which appear in this week’s Torah portion, Naso. Learn the answers to why an ordinary person’s blessing can be meaningful simply due to ancient genetics, what do the priestly blessings actually mean on a literal level, and finally insight into why we pray for our dreams during the times these blessings are chanted in synagogue.
Parshah Insights: Naso
Torah Interpretations of the Rebbe
Parshah Mnemonics: Naso
Decoding the hidden messages
A New Look at the Mighty Samson
Haftorah Hyperlinks: Naso
Learn the profound connections between the weekly parsha and its related Haftorah.
Princely Perception & Presentation
The Torah’s identical repetition of the Inaugural Offerings brought by Israel’s tribal leaders, serves to make parshat Naso the longest Torah portion. Perhaps more pointedly though, it seems entirely superfluous; especially in view of the Scripture’s sparing nature. Yet, despite this obvious and glaring biblical anomaly; Rashi – our trusted master of mainstream meaning – appears to provide little rationale and no comfort at all. The explanation ultimately sheds light on Torah-true diversity and the importance of every person’s unique contribution in the rubric of spiritual life and divine service.
Mystical Hair!
Audio | 51:45
Mystical Hair!
Why married women cover their hair
A revealing, Kabbalistic, view of hair. New light on why a married woman, in Torah, covers her hair.
Weekly Story for Naso: Give a Blessing!
Why is it that whenever two Jews meet, we always give each other a blessing? In this week’s Torah portion, we discover the power that we have to draw down tremendous resources through our blessings to each other. Wow, what an incredible story about the power of a simple L’Chaim from one to another!
Chumash Classes: Naso
In depth study of the weekly Torah portion.
Daily Chumash: Naso
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