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Weekly Sermonette

What's Wrong With Retirement?
We all dream of enjoying a peaceful and serene life. But can too much serenity lead to senility?
The Child in the Pit
I remember the Rebbe thundering: “The whole Egyptian exile can be traced to Reuben’s ill-timed teshuvah! When a Jewish child is languishing in the pit, this is not the time to be worrying about your own spiritual state . . .”
Image and Influence
Determined as he was, on this occasion Joseph was beginning to falter. What saved him? The classical image of the sage with the long white beard . . .
“How Are You Today?”
“And Joseph came to them in the morning and he saw them, and behold, they were troubled. He asked Pharaoh’s officials . . . ‘Why do you look so bad today?’” But why would Joseph see anything unusual in that? Wouldn’t we expect most people in jail to look miserable?
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