Sam's family was moving out of town and his best friend, Judah, was helping take his bags out to the car, he said: “I’m really sorry you’re leaving. It’s too bad you will no longer be living next door to us.”

“It was great living here in the city with you guys, Judah. I’ll miss you, but I don’t feel sorry, and you shouldn’t either,” said Sam.

“Don’t you wish you didn’t live so far away?” asked Judah.

“Actually, no,” replied Sam. “I feel that I have a mission to do in the new town that we will be in. I know that there I will find new ways to do good deeds and help others, like we always used to do together here.”

When Jacob left the city of Beer Sheba and traveled to Haran. He left Israel, where his righteous parents Isaac and Rebecca lived, and journeyed far away, to a country he had never seen before. He was going to live among people who were very different from him, in a place that did not have the holiness of Israel.

Jacob journeyed to Haran not just because he was running away from Esau. There is a more important reason!

Jacob journeyed to Haran because he had a job to carry out, and he was ready to do it. He was willing to move away from his home and to teach people about G‑d. He would set a personal example of how a person should live and behave. Jacob went to Haran on a mission.

Actually, we are all on mission. Every individual comes to this world in a pure state. Why does a pure and flawless individual come onto this world, which is not so pure?

Because we all have a mission to perform. We have been sent on as an emissary to make this world a better place. So if you find yourself far from home and you feel lonely, you should know that you have a mission where you find yourself now. And that mission is to bring more goodness into this world.