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Guest Columnists
The Solution Is in Your Hands!
Daily life may desensitize us from the beauty of Judaism. How do we rekindle that spark?
Moses and the Unexpected Converts
Can anyone convert to Judaism?
We Loved Each Other. Who Says We Should Do It Again?
G-d took us under His Divine wings at Sinai and told us, “I will always love you. You are My cherished people, and no matter what happens, we remain deeply connected.”
If a Ceiling Could Talk . . .
First, there are agonizing hours of wavering and uncertainty. Then comes a sudden, almost breathtaking shift in perspective that makes the right decision stunningly clear.
Finding Ourselves Through Others
The Meaning of Community
He knows we are not angels, because He didn’t create us to be perfect. But He did create us with the ability to connect with others and become better people . . .
In the Search for Meaning, Where Do We Look?
Many of us have an inner ache, a discontented restlessness, without knowing why.
When the King Asked for Berel the Wagon Driver
Before we stand before Him in judgment on Rosh Hashanah, G‑d wishes to see all the different types of Jews join in true unity—the leaders together with the lay people; born Jews and converts, men, women and children.
Torah Insights
The Center of the Universe
The greatest threat to morality is if every individual believes that the purpose of creation, the mission of the Jewish people, and the fate of humanity is out of his or her control. The greatest assurance that people will make the correct choices in life is when each individual understands that G‑d looks to him or her as the center of the universe.
Weekly Sermonette
Choose Life
Do we really need the Torah to tell us to “choose life”? Which person of sound mind would choose death?
“Clean Up and Carry On!”
Is living as a committed Jew difficult to you? Here's the answer from this week’s Torah portion.
Conviction or Compromise?
By standing firmly by our principles and convictions we can move forward in life.
Weekly Torah
Standing Firm
For Friday Night
The Second Level of Choice
Other people may not understand this. Apparently well-meaning and reasonable people might advise their Jewish friend: “Why bother? Take the easy way out.”
Living through the Parshah
Accessing the Hidden Love
Why was the Tanya so novel? Who was the Rebbe's target audience and what was his objective for them? Looking no further than the Tanya's title page we read the Rebbe's self-stated mission statement spelled out lucidly.
Parshah Messages
While We're in Exile, Where's G-d?
Though exile is a time when G-d’s presence in our lives isn’t manifest as it was—and will soon again be—during the Holy Temple glory days, it by no means signals a hiatus in our relationship with Him.
Parshah Musings
Prison Break
Parshah Recovery
Unity is Our Strength
Every individual possesses some unique advantage over every other. Each member of the nation has some positive quality that is unique to him or her. Every individual is uniquely needed and indispensable.
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The Free Will Problem in Judaism
The Paradox of Choice and Divine Omniscience
The classical questions, the theological contradictions, the Kabbalistic foundations, the Chassidic interpretations... Insights, essays and stories on "Freedom of Choice"
Moshiach: An Anthology
Where are we headed? What is the Jewish interpretation of history? Twenty-eight articles and dozens of source texts on the why, how, who, when and what of Moshiach and the future redemption.
Covenant & Conversation
The World is Waiting for You
Something remarkable happens in this week’s parsha, almost without our noticing it, that changed the very terms of Jewish existence, and has life-changing implications for all of us. Moses renewed the covenant. This may not sound dramatic, but it was.
Not In Heaven
When great minds leave Judaism, Judaism loses great minds. When those in search of spirituality go elsewhere, Jewish spirituality suffers.
Why Be Jewish?
A bat or bar mitzvah is not a “confirmation.” It involves no voluntary acceptance of Jewish identity. That choice took place more than three thousand years ago.
Defeating Death
What is missing from the Torah, almost inexplicably so given the background against which it is set, is a fixation with death.
Inner Stream
Relevance of Torah
Is the Torah an ancient book for a vanishing people, or is it alive and well in you?
The Key Is Education
The gatekeepers proclaimed, “Dear G‑d, as we don’t merit being Your faithful gatekeepers, please accept Your keys.”
Get Out of Jail Free
Imagine a prison that allows its prisoners a free pass, should they choose to use it. Everyone is handed a “Get Out of Jail Free” card, and if they present it to the warden, they are set free...
Beyond Speech
Nitzavim and Rosh Hashanah: The Connection
This week's Torah portion, Nitzavim, is always read on the Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah. There are so many things about this portion that connect to Rosh Hashanah.
On the Haftarah: G‑d Is Carrying Us
For the haftarah of Nitzavim, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
"United As One" Guarantees Us a Good Year
It is through our togetherness, both "united," and "as one," that we don't take into account the level of the other, and we see every Jew as important and necessary.
Life's Passages
You’ve Got a Hidden Treasure
Deep within each one of us lies enormous strength and a rich reservoir of wealth waiting to be cashed in—and even we may not be aware of it.
The Freeman Files
You Will Come Home
The bravest act in a person's life
Close to You
Free Choice
How a Daily Meditation Puts the Impossible Within Easy Reach
The Tanya Turnkey Solution
Fix a time each day to study the words of inner Torah and ponder who G‑d is, what an awesome universe He has made, who you really are, and what is the relationship between your soul and the One Above.
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