And he [Moses] brought near the burnt offering ram…he slaughtered [it], and Moses dashed the blood on the altar, around. And Moses made the entire ram [go up in] smoke on the altar. It was a burnt offering [with] a pleasing fragrance, a fire offering to the L‑rd. (Leviticus 8:18-21)

In this abstract expressionist rendition of the Oleh—elevation offering, we see subtle hints of the ram going up in flames on the altar. The smoke of the sacrifice rises upward suggesting the appearance of the animal itself. The palette of primal colors reflects the passionate energy that went into the creation of the painting. The red-hot tones are suggestive of the blood which was poured on the altar, as the golden tinged fire offering ascends heavenward.

According to the Ramban, the final offering of the ram was an expression of gratitude to G‑d. It was the culmination of the inauguration service and completed the process by which the kohanim (priests) were consecrated to perform the Temple service.