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Parshah Columnists

Guest Columnists
What Is the Key to a Good Life?
When you’re going about your regular day, it’s easy to forget G-d and let the ego come roaring in.
It's Not About You
If you’re invested in a loving relationship, it will require doing things for the relationship—for the other, not for you.
A New Perspective on Taking Out the Trash
If the kohen is already wearing linen clothes for the separation of the ashes, why ask him to change into a different set of linen clothes for the removal of the ashes?
The Right of Repair
You “make” mistakes; however, you yourself are not the mistake.
Poem: With Great Joy, My Friend Danced Before His Bride
Amalek is seen as more than just a historical nation that audaciously attacked the Jewish people in the height of their glory.
Wedding Speeches for Tzav
When Will We No Longer Need to Say “Thank G-d”?
There is more than one way to minimize the spiritual distance between oneself and G-d. Some of these ways will become obsolete in the Messianic era. But the way of gratitude has no expiry date.
True Sacrifice
An Essay on Parshat Tzav
What is thr true nature of sacrifice and worship, and what gets in its way?
Torah Insights
Holy Leftovers
If we begin the day with a moment of holiness, if we offer even a small portion of our time to G‑d in the morning, then that experience will affect the rest of the day, infusing it with significance and holiness.
The New You
What is the significance of lifting and removing the ashes? Why is it so important that it’s the first ritual performed in the Temple, the first step in the service of G-d?
Mindful Eating
Jews have always understood the power of mindful eating.
Weekly Sermonette
"But Not Too Humble!"
We should never be so humble that we miss out on our mission and purpose in life.
Staying on Top
If it is important, do it now. And if it is sacred, carry on doing it forever
On Rabbis and Jews
As a rabbi, I am often asked to pray for people. This one is in need of a blessing for improved health, the other wants to earn a better living, and so it goes.
Weekly Torah
Give a Little Push
The stone was too big for him to move by himself and he could not afford to hire laborers to help him to move it. He saw a vision in which G-d told him: Push it with your little finger...
Reflections on the Parshah
The Poor Man's Offering
It's not what you give that is so precious, it's how much of yourself is invested in the gift.
Inner Stream
What You Need to Do and What You Need to Get Done
Why do we live? Are we here for ourselves, or is there a deeper purpose?
The Lady and the Nose
At first the young man was impressed with the young lady’s character, but was repelled by the shape of her nose. Then he learned to ignore it. Now he loves it . . .
Listening with Empathy
Advice to ministers, counselors and advisors: change your clothes
The Secret of the Laver
When a ray of light hits a mirror, it bounces off the polished surface and reverses its course.
Living through the Parshah
Extinguishing the ‘No’
There are two ways to deal with our inner demons and dysfunctions. The first, and most natural, would be to fight back. The second approach works by first generating a passion: a passion for G-d and for spiritual development.
Torah for Now
The Dynamic of Sacrifices
There is no getting around it: the Torah talks a lot about animal sacrifices. With all the spiritual opportunities available to us, why are we missing the sacrificing of an actual animal?
What Do You Think?
Who was Elazar (Eleazar) the High Priest?
His father was Aaron (the first High Priest) and his son was Pinchas (who had a Parshah commemorating his zealous dedication to G‑d), but who was he?
Bad Hair Day?
Unfortunately, moods can sometimes infringe on our relationship with G‑d, and with our fellows as well. “I am just not in the mood for prayer,” “I am not in the mood for my kids,” “I am in the mood of wasting five hours of my life surfing the Web . . .”
Parshah Blog
The Sin Offering
Has the Torah become too enmeshed in the technicalities of the sacrifice itself, allowing the "meaning" of penitence to take a back seat?
What the Rebbe Taught Me
Getting Down and Dirty
Imagine the ruckus that would ensue if the President of the United States were spotted taking out the White House garbage! Yet something similar occurred daily in the Holy Temple...
How To Lose Your Memory
The way to overcome negativity is to circumvent it.
For Friday Night
While the concept of giving thanks is important among human beings, it is also central in our relationship with G-d.
Parshah Musings
Undress, Redress
Unlike a contemporary synagogue service, which chiefly consists of private prayer interspersed with occasional tribal chanting and some stand up/sit down for exercise, the Temple rites were much more exciting: Animal sacrifice, incense burning, multicolored clothing, ritualized musical accompaniment...
Thank You Kindly
The thanksgiving offering was brought to thank G‑d for only four occurrences. Interestingly, they all are connected to the Exodus from Egypt.
Parshah Recovery
The alcoholic in recovery may find that after much honest and hard work, he has finally found a bit of peace. Now that he's finally made it, he doesn't see the great need to be as excited as he was when he was a giddy newcomer...
Covenant & Conversation
Destructive & Self-Destructive
All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.
Understanding Sacrifice
One of the most difficult elements of the Torah and the way of life it prescribes is the phenomenon of animal sacrifices – for obvious reasons.
On Not Trying to Be What You Are Not
The great leaders know their own limits. They do not try to do it all themselves.
Beyond Speech
Hug Your Loved Ones Because You Can
It is now more than two years since my arms and lips stopped working . . .
Getting Out of Your Head
While other personal offerings will cease when Moshiach comes, the Todah will not. What is unique about the Todah that makes it everlasting?
On the Haftarah: Who Is Praiseworthy?
For the haftarah of Tzav, From the Teachings of the Rebbe
Shabbat Hagadol: When Darkness Shines
The common denominator between Shabbat Hagadol, Miriam's passing, and parshat Tzav is that the darkness itself becomes light.
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