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Guest Columnists

What Is the Key to a Good Life?
When you’re going about your regular day, it’s easy to forget G-d and let the ego come roaring in.
It's Not About You
If you’re invested in a loving relationship, it will require doing things for the relationship—for the other, not for you.
A New Perspective on Taking Out the Trash
If the kohen is already wearing linen clothes for the separation of the ashes, why ask him to change into a different set of linen clothes for the removal of the ashes?
The Right of Repair
You “make” mistakes; however, you yourself are not the mistake.
Poem: With Great Joy, My Friend Danced Before His Bride
Amalek is seen as more than just a historical nation that audaciously attacked the Jewish people in the height of their glory.
Wedding Speeches for Tzav
When Will We No Longer Need to Say “Thank G-d”?
There is more than one way to minimize the spiritual distance between oneself and G-d. Some of these ways will become obsolete in the Messianic era. But the way of gratitude has no expiry date.
True Sacrifice
An Essay on Parshat Tzav
What is thr true nature of sacrifice and worship, and what gets in its way?
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