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Parshah Focus

What Was the Golden Calf?
The sin of the golden calf is widely regarded as one of the most disgraceful moments in Jewish history.
Understanding the Yud Gimel Midot Harachamim
The 13 Attributes of Mercy have been known to bring salvation and forgiveness to the Jewish people throughout the generations.
Was Aaron Responsible for the Golden Calf?
Can’t Biblical heroes make mistakes too?
I am thoroughly annoyed with rabbinic interpretations. There seems to be total whitewashing of the stories, just to make the heroes look sinless. Can’t there be a human side to the story too?
Who Engraved the Second Tablets?
Was it G-d or Moses?
Why Did Moses Break the Tablets?
This can be compared to a king who went abroad, and left his betrothed with the maidservants . . .
Rebellion, Aaron Plays for Time, Moses Return:, Punishment of the Guilty, Atonement, Second Tablets, G-D Forgives the People
The Dynamic Duo: Betzalel and Aholiav
The artisans who made the Mishkan and its equipment
Only when Betzalel and Aholiav work in unity can we forge a connection with G-d.
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