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Parshah Halachah

Ki Tisa

Ten common halachic misunderstandings, the truth, and the possible origins of the myths.
The Myth of the “Shabbos Goy”
On the Issue of a Non-Jew doing Work for a Jew on Shabbat
The basic rule of thumb as far as having a gentile do work for a Jew on Shabbat is that if a Jew may not do it, a non-Jew cannot do it for him. There are, however, various exceptions to this rule...
Meat & Milk
Meat & Milk
Parshat Mishpatim
Several reasons have been suggested for this mitzvah. Some argue that it is cruel to cook a baby in the very milk that was intended to nourish it. Others suggest that the reason for this mitzvah is health related. Maimonides asserts that an ancient pagan ritual which involved the cooking and consumption of meat and milk is the source of the prohibition...
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