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Guest Columnists

What the Athenian Sages Didn't Understand
There will always be people in our lives who meander from the straight and narrow. How can we set them straight?
Why Sing Sad Songs?
Why this song? Isn’t this the wrong message for the occasion?
Finding Our Song
Life, as we all know, is not a Disney movie, and home is not a Disney resort. With all of its suffering, stresses and tests, however, real life is still one colossal ride.
The Redeeming Power Of Holy Poetry
The Torah-reading of Ha'azinu is referred to as a song: Moses spoke... the words of this song... (Deut. 31:30).
Do You Love to “Hate” Sukkot?
We love to kvetch about the difficulty of planning outdoor meals when the heavens may gift us with rain or snow.
Are We Destined to Stay the Same?
Is there a way to imagine teshuvah as something empowering and encouraging, rather than a beat-down from G‑d?
Could the People Have Stopped Moses' Passing?
G‑d instructed Moses to ascend the mountain “in the middle of the day,” making it clear that they had no power over what would happen.
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