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Parshah Focus

From my understanding Abraham was not present at the time of his wife Sarah’s death. Where did Abraham come from, and why wasn’t he with Sarah in her final moments?
Why Is Eliezer Anonymous?
I recall learning about the story of Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, being sent to find a wife for his master’s son, Isaac. Recently, I was challenged by a friend to find how many times Eliezer’s name is mentioned in the Torah portion describing this story. To my surprise, his name is not mentioned even once! Why is that?
Why Did Rebecca Have to Grow Up Among Bad People?
Rebecca is considered to be the proverbial “rose among thorns.”
Abraham's Gifts to His Other Sons
Eliezer’s Mission, Eliezer’s Prayer, Rebekah at the Well, Rebekah and Isaac Marries
Marriage: an Anthology
Whom to Marry... Why Do We Fall in Love... The Kabbalah of Marriage... Yes and No... The Mikvah... Waiting... Moses vs. Freud... Adam & Eve... The Loving Friends.. Ring, Round & Roof... and 20 other articles and stories on marriage
Haftarah Companion for Chayei Sarah
For an informed reading of I Kings 1:1-31
As David had many sons, there was going to be a need to clarify who would be the heir to David’s throne.
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