Be wholesome ('tamim') with G‑d (18:13)

To be 'tamim' with G‑d means: Walk with Him with simplicity and without guile. Do not seek to manipulate the future; rather, accept whatever He brings upon you wholeheartedly. Then, He will be with you and you will reap the rewards of His apportionment.

- Rashi's commentary

When Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi was released from his imprisonment in 1798, there was great rejoicing and celebration. At one of the farbrengensat the Rebbe's synagogue in Li'ozna, the celebrating chassidim invented a most unique dance: a barrel of vodka was set up in the center of the room, with a dipper at its side; as each chassid passed the barrel, he dipped in for a l'chayim. Round and round swirled the dancers, dip, dip, dip, went the dipper.

Soon the predictable happened: the hat of one of the dancing chassidim took a nose-dive into the barrel. Rabbi Schneur Zalman himself fished out the hat, replaced it on the young man's head, and quoted: "A hat of salvation upon his head."1That year, the young chassid became extremely wealthy.

One year later, when the celebration and the dance were repeated, an enterprising young chassid decided to try the hat trick himself. As he passed the barrel, he nonchalantly flipped his hat into its spirited contents. The Rebbe rewarded him with nary a glance…