Thus, you too shall lift up the offering from the grain ('terumah') to G‑d (18:28)

From the words "you too" we derive that a person's agent can act in his stead; that "the agent of a person is as he himself."

- The Talmud, Kedushin 41b

When his eldest son, DovBer, reached cheder age, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi approached one of his colleagues, a fellow disciple of their late Master, the Maggid of Mezeritch. In his characteristic singsong manner, Rabbi Schneur Zalman said:

"I have a mitzvah to fulfill - the commandment 'you shall teach them (the words of Torah) to your children.'1 You, too, have a mitzvah incumbent upon you - the duty to support your family. Let us make an exchange: I will provide you with the means to fulfill your mitzvah, and you will teach my son Torah."

Rabbi Schneur Zalman then gave the young man a crash course in his approach to early childhood education: "One obviously starts with the Aleph-Bet. What is an Aleph? A dot above, a dot below, and a line in between - this is an Alef. And this is the very Alef of Torah: that the Yud above (G‑d) and the Yud2 below (the Jew) are bound by a line of faith."