If you sat down and read,
The parsha with care,
You'd find no mention,
Of Moses' name there.

Our teacher and leader,
A man so essential,
Moses' bond to the Torah,
Is it not indispensable?

If you recall when we sinned,
Serving a calf of gold,
G‑d's anger flared,
To destroy us, He resolved.

But Moses wouldn't have it,
He declared - take a look,
"If you wipe out my nation,
Erase my name from your book!"

His most prized investment,
His dearest wish,
His connection to the Torah,
Moses’ chose to relinquish.

Because his bond to his people,
Was greater - that's all,
And if they're to be punished,
Then together they'd fall.

But since Moses said “Erase me,”
His words still took effect,
So in our parsha at hand,
His name we neglect.

But for such dedication,
The sacrifice he afforded,
For a leader so true,
Is this how he's rewarded?

But it's not as it seems,
For in this week’s parsha,
Moses’ presence is more prevalent,
Than in any other.

A name is a title,
A description, what more?
But “you” is your essence,
It captures the core.