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Covenant & Conversation

Three Types of Community
A shattered people must be rebuilt. How does Moses proceed?
Encampments and Journeys
Team Building
Hostile factions can become a single cohesive group so long as they are faced with a shared challenge that all can achieve together but none can do alone.
On Jewish Character
The common factor was generosity. Jews may not always make the right choices in what they give to, but they give.
Don't Sit: Walk
If we fail to give the body regular exercise, it can easily malfunction and put us at risk of serious illness. The question is: does the same apply to the soul, the spirit, the mind?
If leaders are to bring out the best in those they lead, they must give them the chance to show they are capable of great things, and then they must celebrate their achievements.
Integrity in Public Life
There must be transparency and accountability when it comes to public funds even if the people involved have impeccable reputations.
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