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Covenant & Conversation

We Are What We Do Not Own
Think of what you posses not as something you own but as something you hold in trust for the benefit, not only of you and your family, but also of others.
Family Feeling
Jews are not just citizens of the same nation or adherents of the same faith. We are members of the same extended family.
The Limits of the Free Market
Leviticus 25 sets out a number of laws whose aim is to correct the tendency toward radical and ever-increasing inequality that result from the unfettered play of free market economics.
The Chronological Imagination
The Torah did not abolish slavery, but it set in motion a process that would lead people to come of their own accord to the conclusion that it was wrong. How it did so is one of the wonders of history.
The Economics of Liberty
What makes Judaism distinctive is its commitment to both freedom and equality, while at the same time recognizing the tension between them.
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