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Covenant & Conversation

Thoughts on the Weekly Parshah from Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

No other prejudice has lasted so long, mutated so persistently, attracted such demonic myths, or had such devastating effects.
Why Did Isaac love Esau?
Why id Isaac love Esau? Did he not know about Rebecca’s oracle?
We have no difficulty understanding why Rebekah loved Jacob. The real question is why did Isaac love Esau?
Between Prophecy and Oracle
The future is never as straightforward as we are led to believe. Abraham is promised many children, but has to wait years before Isaac is born. The patriarchs are promised a land, but do not acquire it in their lifetimes. The Jewish journey, though it has a destination, is long, and has many digressions and setbacks.
Was he right to deceive his father and to take from his brother the blessing Isaac sought to give him?