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Covenant & Conversation

Thoughts on the Weekly Parshah from Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

What did Jacob add to the Jewish experience?
How the Light Gets In
We are defined for all time as the descendants of Jacob, the children of Israel. Hence the force of the question: Why Jacob?
Laban the Anti-Semite
Laban begins by seeming like a friend. He offers Jacob refuge when he is in flight from Esau, who has vowed to kill him. Yet it turns out that his behaviour is less generous than self-interested and calculating.
Encountering G-d
There is an element of the religious life that is beyond conscious control. It comes out of nowhere, when we are least expecting it.
Light in Dark Times
What is it that made Jacob—not Abraham or Isaac or Moses—the true father of the Jewish people?
Love Is Not Enough
You cannot build a family, let alone a society, on love alone. For that you need justice also.
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