The Torah describes G‑d as "descending" onto Mt. Sinai1 to proclaim the Ten Commandments.

The expression seems strange on two counts:

Firstly, the fact that G‑d is described as descending, surely G‑d is neither above nor below. G‑d is everything and everywhere. He is found in all places and all times equally. Neither male nor female, neither up nor down, permeating and encompassing alike—He just is.

It is too easy to sit at home and wait for people to come looking for youOf even more interest is the fact that G‑d seems to instigate the connection; He came down to us without expecting us to come up the mountain to Him. I always understood that the purpose of Torah and mitzvot is to energize and elevate the Jews. After all, G‑d started off perfect and hasn't changed since; but we're the ones who need to shape up. We're the people who should be setting off on the great journey that starts on earth and ends at Sinai. Why should we expect G‑d to come down to us?

Obviously this notion of G‑d's descent from on high is metaphorical and not literal. However the description is possibly also symbolic of the effort each of us is expected to make when reaching out to others who need us.

We all have information to share and skill sets that others would benefit from learning. It is tempting to assume that those who wish to learn will approach you first and request to be taught. It is too easy to sit at home and wait for people to come looking for you. Yet the lesson of G‑d coming down to the Jews is that we have no right to sit on our hands when those who need us are waiting.

Some people need Judaism, others need faith or love. There are hungry souls out there who need to be fed and jobs need to be found for the unemployed. Don't be proud, be generous. People need you. You have gifts to share and knowledge to impart. Go out and teach. Reach out to others. You may feel that you are going below your current station; it may feel like a physical or spiritual descent from your present position in life, yet the good and G‑dly way is to lower yourself into the world and share your bounty with those who need you most.2