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Parshah Musings


Am I Shy?
We all have different personas that we don for public viewing; different from the way we think of ourselves when at home alone.
It’s a mitzvah to honor and respect your parents, but Moses knew that a real mensch is equally solicitous of his in-laws.
“Who took you out of Egypt”? Talk about sweating the small details! What about “who created heaven and earth”? Surely stage-managing the Exodus doesn’t even approach His role as designer and creator of the universe!
I remember hearing a comedian describe his feelings on finally having children: "I was less willing to put up with fools. I was like, 'I don't need this, I can make my own people now...'"
Just as a guarantor for a loan knows that he can be called on at any time to make good his pledge, so too we've got to educate children to appreciate and live up to their responsibilities...
Echo! Echo!
The awesome sounds of G‑d resonated throughout the universe... but there was no echo. The greatest sound and light show in history was a strictly one-time production with no residuals or encore.
Get Down!
G‑d started off perfect and hasn't changed since; we're the ones who need to shape up. We're the people who should be setting off on the great journey that starts on earth and ends at Sinai. Why should we expect G‑d to come down to us?
The pages of history are full of examples of artists and composers with genuine talent who were disregarded during their lifetimes.
A Need for Speed
If He wanted us to live up to—and be inspired by—a full set of ten expressions, why did He deliver them in shorthand?
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