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10 Shevat 5735 - January 22, 1975
Footage of the Rebbe saying a maamar or Chassidic discourse (as customary in Yiddish), preceded and followed by a niggun. From the Yud Shevat farbrengen of the year 5735, marking the 25th yahrtzeit of the Previous Rebbe (the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe).
10 Shevat, 5735 • January 22, 1975
One of the Patriarch Avraham’s great first deeds was not only the promotion of monotheism, but the credo that G-d is “Master of the World.” G-d is the Master of the World in the occupational sense; this is what he does constantly. He fills the entire world with His presence and guidance.
Every person is expected to become a ‘ruler’ over his surroundings – to make it a proper dwelling place for G-d. At first, a person is ruler only over himself. Later, he becomes ‘ruler’ and leader of his family. Then he goes on to become a leader in his community and so on. At each stage he must accustom himself to place the new majority’s needs before the previous “individual’s” needs.
Torah expects a tzaddik to not be satisfied with his own righteousness; his mission is to influence his fellow Jews to follow G‑d’s path, and to help them become in turn sources of inspiration to others as well.
10 Shevat, 5735 · January 22, 1975
Torah states: “Every Jew is a king.” The Mitzvah campaigns especially express this kingship.
Addressing members of Israel’s Defense Mission in the audience, the Rebbe explains the importance of Israel maintaining a large defense arsenal.
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