As foreign embassies called for their citizens to immediately evacuate from Israel, and foreign airlines were contemplating terminating their flights to Israel, the Israeli daily Yediot Achronot carried a surprisingly uplifting headline: “G‑d Is Watching over the Holy Land, and Salvation Is Near,” the headline screamed. The article contained the Rebbe’s message: “There is no reason to be afraid, and there is no reason to frighten others. I am displeased with the exaggerations being disseminated and the panicking of the citizens in Israel . . .”

Newspapers across Israel, from Haaretz to Al Hamishmar, carried uplifting headlines in the Rebbe’s name. The Rebbe’s reassuring talk at the Lag BaOmer parade reached the studios of Israel’s national radio, Kol Yisrael, and was broadcast with simultaneous translation from the original Yiddish to Hebrew.

The media also made note of the fact that the Rebbe urged all foreigners who were in Israel to remain there.

The Rebbe’s reassuring voice brought calm to many people. In an interview with Davar following the Six-Day War, Israeli President Zalman Shazar said: “I did not doubt for a moment that we would be triumphant. The Rebbe called me, and it was clear that he had full faith that we would be victorious.”