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Rabbi Gordon - Eikev: 5th Portion

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Mike Ettinger N.S. August 10, 2017

Fear is an emotion such as love and can increase by G-d's power. Fear can be transformed from terror to dread to living hellfire in the blink of an eye, when one gets too close to G-d with un-atoned is a natural/supernatural reaction to the power of G-d's being, seeing how He creates Himself by His full power without/before time/space was ever made. When one is increased by the full power of G-d either in love or fear he transcends time. In the case of fear Einstein said if you travel at the speed of light time stops. Since G-d is eternal....{without time).....if a soul were transformed into all powerful fear he would become a living lightning bolt and would know eternal death, being torn from existence to never be "remembered" in physical or spiritual form. So yes we should fear G-d and put no sin between us. Reply

Anonymous USA July 26, 2013

Eikev: 5th Portion Dear Rabbi Gordon, thank you for the Chumash teaching. There are days when I can follow you with the Hebrew, others, like today you read too fast. But I will be watching it again. You are very kind. Reply

arthur wachline troutdale, oregon July 29, 2010

you are a good rabbi and know what you are talking about in the torah Reply

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