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Rabbi Gordon - Noach: 6th Portion

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yigal October 4, 2013

kenaan Rabbi Gordon i just started using your class for this new cycle of chmash, and im loving it thanks but I am wondering how did cham have four sons when it seems like it was right after the flood, and there were only eight people that survived it. because noach got drunk on the same amount of alcohol that he would drink before the flood, but it seems that noach was used to drinking i wouldn't think that the first time he would drink after the flood would be four or five years later (allowing cham five years to have four children (although he could of had twins or triplets etc.)

thanks and shabbat shalom. Reply

Rich Levin Rochester, New York via chabadrochester.com October 30, 2011

Thank you I actually found Noach #7 after I had studied it without Rabbi Gordon and in time to complete it with him before Shabbos.
Certainly I am one of many who express tremendous admiration and appreciation for these recordings, both Rashi and Tanya. Reply

Rabbi Yehohsua B Gordon Encino, CA October 28, 2011

7th Aliya of Noach Recorded today. Enjoy. Reply

Rich Levin Rochester, New York via chabadrochester.com October 27, 2011

7th Aliyah of Bereishis and Noach Will Rabbi Gordon be recording the 7th Aliyah of Bereishis and Noach? Or are they somewhere on the site? I am studying them on my own, which is good. I have listened to nearly every recording since Shemos Bo last year. It has been a wonderful journey that I plan to continue and now to add more learning from either the Gutnick or Kehos Chumash.
Thank you Reply

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