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Rabbi Gordon - Ki Tisa: 1st Portion

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Abshalom USA March 6, 2015

Names-Tribes Dear Rabbi Gordon,

I am curious about why you use the terminology 'the Jewish' when collecting the sum of the shekel (Ex 30:12). Isn't it true that at that time all 12 tribes plus Eriev Rav were the collection of the children of Israel; thus 12 tribes and the mixed multitudes? I have learned that they were Israelite, and the covenant didn't go to Judah until after King Solomon when the two houses split. I find your teaching excellent, but that terminology made me scratch my head..

Thank you, with warm regards,

Abshalom Reply

Sam Leon March 1, 2015

Rabbi, if I'm not mistaken, wasn't Moshe Rabbeinu of the Levite tribe? Reply

Rabbi Joshua B Gordon Encino, CA February 14, 2011

Am I a Levi An internet forum is not the best venue to decide such questions. In general terms, a Levite identity is passed on through biology rather than adoption. Practically, please check with your local knowledgeable Rabbi. Reply

malcolm irvine, ca via February 12, 2011

i was born to a father who died when i was 6 ye ars old. my mother remaried to a man who was a levite who later adopted me as his son. am i now considered a levite Reply