Ad heino azo-runu ra-cha-mechoh, v'lo azo-vunu chasoh-decha v'al tit'shei-nu Ad-o-noy Elo-henu lo-ne-tzach.

Al kein eivorim she-pilagtoh bonu, v'ruach un'shomoh shenofachto b'apeinu, v'loshon asher samto b'finu,

Hein heim yodu vi-vor'chu vishab'chu vifo-aru virom'mu v'ya-aritzu v'yakdishu v'yamlichu es shim-cho mal-keinu

Ki chol peh lecho yodeh v'chol loshon lecho sishova, v'chol ayin lecho se-tza-peh v'chol berech lecho sich-rah, v'chol komoh l'fa-necha sish-ta-chaveh.


Until now Your mercies have helped us, and Your kindnesses have not forsaken us; and You, L-rd our G‑d, will never abandon us.

Therefore, the limbs which You have arranged within us, the spirit and soul which You have breathed into our nostrils, and the tongue which You have placed in our mouth

they all shall thank, bless, praise and glorify, exalt and adore, hallow and proclaim the sovereignty of Your Name, our King.

For every mouth shall offer thanks to You, every tongue shall swear by Your Name, every eye shall look to You, every knee shall bend to You, all who stand erect shall prostrate themselves before You.