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Kabbalah on the Purim Characters

Glean a profound and novel perspective into the inner dimension of the Purim tale and its accompanying characters.

Purim Intro
Audio | 44:38
Purim Intro
The connection between Purim and Kabbalah.
Audio | 45:44
Kabalistic insights into the king in the story of Purim
Achashveirosh Chooses a Queen
The meaning behind Achashveirosh choosing a Queen from a Kabalistic standpoint.
The Real Queen Esther
Why the Jewish people are compared to Queen Esther.
The King's Disturbed Sleep
Purim and the meaning of the King (G-d) in a state of sleep
Audio | 36:22
Insights in to the city of Shushan which celebrated Purim for an additional day; also featuring tales of cities that celebrate their own personal Purim victories.
Purim Characters
Audio | 46:08
Purim Characters
An insight into the story of Purim and what each character represents.
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