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Kabbalah Classics

The Torah has many layers of meaning. The Kabbalah is its deepest layer where the subject matter is the nature and workings of its Divine Author: G-d Himself. These inspiring classes will empower you with the knowledge to illuminate and embrace life in all of its mysteries, in the here & now and beyond.

Beneath The Surface – A Kabbalah Primer
What is Kabbalah and why was this mystical science popularized so recently?
Deep Desires – Where Freud Failed
The greatest thinkers and psychoanalysts have grappled with the question that lies at the core of our being: what are we all about? Discover how Torah illuminates this entire subject.
I Don’t Deserve This
Unravel the deep mystical reality of G-d’s oneness and see how it relates to ridding ourselves from the big and little anxieties of life.
What is the World Coming To?
The world is at upheaval and we are at the center of it all; we must step up to the plate…A fascinating insight into the root cause of anti-Semitism.
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