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Sit back and listen as your world turns on its head

Listen to compelling podcasts by Tzvi Freeman and let him turn your world on its head as he probes the mysteries of life, purpose and the Jewish People.

The Signature Element of Chabad Psychology that Few Understand
The signature metaphor in Tanya to describe all human activity, popping up in some form or another on almost every page, is clothing. Life, according to Tanya, is less about who you are and more about what you wear.
Should I Care What Other People Think of Me?
Instead of sweating over what everyone is thinking of you, spend that energy just being a nice guy.
Abraham’s Ultimate Test
Abraham constructed a ladder up to G-d. A ladder of insight and enlightenment. Then G-d pulled the ladder out from under him.
What I Told 1,200 Jewish Students Last Shabbat
Be Abraham. Take ownership. Shatter the narrative. Don’t let hatred define you.
You Are Not Powerless. You Never Are.
Winning the war against the Jewish soul
So You’ve Got a Chunk of G-d Inside You
The story behind the divine soul
Within each of us is a breath of the divine, a neshamah. Everything else is created by speech. She is created by breath and by thought. Everything else is obsessed with being just what it is. But the neshamah hears the music of creation and yearns for it to be heard.
What Is a Soul?
Audio | 11:41
What Is a Soul?
Just as we invoke the existence of a force of gravity to explain things falling and an electromagnetic force to explain a host of otherwise very mysterious phenomena, so we invoke the existence of a soul-force to explain our inner experience of being alive, conscious, and self-directed.
Who Created G-d?
Audio | 30:07
Who Created G‑d?
The Classic Jewish Answer in Clear Modern English
The Creator of all boundaries is unbounded by any definition. Otherwise, He too would require a creator.
Why the Torah Was Given to a Nation of Trauma Survivors
If you're going to bring the ultimate divine wisdom into the world, why are shattered souls the channel for its reception?
How Moses Saved Egyptian Civilization
Wherever your soul has taken you, there must be something of profound value that you uncovered there.
Should We Use Gender Neutral Language for G-d?
Judaism has been understood as the effort to reunite the feminine and masculine aspects of G-d.
The Last Two Mitzvahs
Why were we given the command to gather every seven years right when Moses was about to pass away?
“We Will Be As Dreamers”
How humanity recovers from an absurd dream
Today we live inside a dream. In time, everything will be possible. We will be free.
How Do Mezuzahs Work?
How on earth does a parchment scroll with Hebrew inscriptions increase your personal safety? Here is how the great rabbis understood it.
How to Believe in Heaven When It Hurts Like Hell
An interview with the author of “Why G d, Why?”.
The Tzaddik and the Dragon of Darkness I
A Kabbalistic SciFi-Fantasy based on the Book of Tanya
You bathed in the honey-sweet, divine glow that saturates every one of the endless strata of gardens of Eden, each with its particular flavor of light, its own taste of ecstasy. Bliss unlimited. And then you got the call.
A Yom Kippur Love Story
How to listen to the voice of your own heart—advice from a meditation of the Alter Rebbe.
Repentance Is a Scam
There are far better ways to spend Yom Kippur than being sucked into a black hole.
Why waste the holiest day of the year dwelling on everything you messed up?
When Blessings Come Cloaked in Darkness
A distillation of the Rebbe's talk on Jewish indignation, 1966.
The Unusual Psychology of the Mitzvah Campaigns
Paradigm shift? Radical reversal? Or just a tighter focus on the ultimate goal?
Where did the Rebbe's radically new strategy come from? Was it smart psychology or something else?
Should You Love Yourself?
And if so, how much?
True love is love of your inner self, that inner mysterious beauty that can never be soiled or blemished.
Passover and the Art of Self-Transcendence
Let's all leave ourselves behind this Passover
In denial, we humans are the oblivious jackhammer at the symphony, pounding away at the foundations of our environment, ripping the very fibers of the cosmic order.
What Is Bittul?
Audio | 19:23
What Is Bittul?
To Be and Not To Be
I Came Into My Garden, 5710 (Chapter 1)
The Classic Maamar, Translated and Unfolded Into Plain English
Everything Is Constantly Rising Higher and Nothing You Can Do Can Stop It
The Rebbe on optimism in the face of disappointment and failure
Along the route of every bad turn, a new path of even greater ascent has just opened.
A Jewish Environmental Cosmology
Is All Life Sacred? Is All Natural Beauty Divine?
The End of Torah
Audio | 31:51
The End of Torah
How the last words reveal what Torah is really all about
What did Moses accomplish by shattering the tablets?
Is Rosh Hashanah a Patriarchal Holiday?
Where the male and female energies of creation converge
What Did the Rebbe Say to the Anti-Religious Chief Justice Who Came for Simchat Torah?
A Lesson in Remaining One People Despite Our Differences
What do you do if you’re celebrating with friends, and the man who opposes you turns up at the party?
3,333 Years Since the Ten Commandments
On the deep and fascinating relation of Torah and Jews to the number three
How the Science of Racism Led to the Holocaust
The war against the divine image in man
Can the world survive on ethics devised by human reason? Well, we tried. It’s called the 20th century.
The Passover Seder Is a Disruptive Ritual
On the magnificence and agonizing beauty of the Jewish heritage of freedom
Is Passover Headed Towards Obsolescence?
Gifts from Above can't last forever
It’s Us Against Us, But You Can Save the World
The Rebbe’s gardening paradigm as an antidote to divisiveness and confusion
Why Is Work Permitted on Chanukah and Purim?
The Paradoxical Effect of Deep Light
These days are so special, their energy can reach down into our everyday world and everyday activities and make even that shine. As King Solomon taught, “In all your ways, know G‑d.”
The Megillah of Antiochus
The Megillah of Antiochus
The miracle of Chanukah, is about shining light outward, and to the outside. The original requirements for the Chanukah menorah stipulate that it be lit only once it is dark. And where? “At the door of your house, on the outside.” Why? As the Talmud states, “to publicize the miracle.”
The Slippery Slope of Yavan
The Slippery Slope of Yavan
This is the light of G-d’s wisdom. It’s not there for our use that we can manipulate it and modify it to fit our needs and desires. If we’re able to figure a little bit of it out, well, that’s pretty amazing. But if we can’t, that doesn’t change its truth one iota.
Why Get Married?
Audio | 11:40
Why Get Married?
Is marriage worth the sacrifice?
Marriage has been getting a bad rap lately, and it’s entirely unjustified. Decades of studies on human wellbeing provide the same conclusions consistently . . .
The Sixth Millennium and the Age of Moshiach
If we map time, will we see where it’s leading us?
Does time, as well, have a topography?
Heaven and the Afterlife
An overview of fundamental Jewish beliefs concerning reward and the afterlife
The Isolationists of Sodom and Gomorrah
Commerce and the need for needing one another
It turns out that the greatest need of all is not to be needed, but to need others.
On Simchat Torah, a Jew Never Dances Alone
The Absurdity of a Quarantined Simchat Torah
Why Would an Atheist Pray?
Perhaps atheists and believers have more in common than they imagine.
Rosh Hashanah and the Warping of Time
How this day is the first day of everything that ever was.
Am I just a Figment of Someone's Imagination?
Could the universe be a simulation?
Unpredictable + Self-Conscious = Free Choice. Bingo, we have a formula for free-choice figments!
George Floyd and the Healing of America
They Are Us and We Are One
Living in the Good of Every Moment
A new translation of a powerful letter from R. Schneur Zalman of Liadi on higher consciousness.
A great source of optimism, strength and courage for generations of chassidim who have treasured and memorized its words, especially in challenging times, its final lines form the basis of the well-known advice of the Tzemach Tzedek, "Think good and it will be good."
Can the Modern Mind Find Peace Without Delusion?
On the elusiveness of gratitude and confidence in our times
How Does a Jew Do a Seder Alone?
Is the Haggadah really meant to be read this way? Maybe…
Why This Passover Will Be More Special Than Any Other Passover
The case for investing in your Passover Seder in defiance of the coronavirus
When your ship is tossed by raging waves, don’t dispose of your anchor.
How to Stay Calm and Happy in the Coronavirus Days
An affirmation for level-headedness
What’s So Joyous About Being Jewish?
A meditation to blow through every barrier of life
Happiness is an explosive. Happiness blows holes through every barrier. It starts with the ultimate barrier.
The Etzem: How Each of Us Contains All of Us
A Chabad Mindbender of Burning Relevance
Ten Hacks for Mental Control That Every Human Being Should Know
Culled from the wisdom of the classic Jewish work called the Tanya
It’s your brain, after all, and it's still the most sophisticated device we know of. Why shouldn’t you be the exclusive user?
How the Stories We Tell Mold Our Future
That play-by-play narrative is the main player in the game.
Much as our sense of touch knows a thing through manipulation, so too our minds.
Chanukah and the Battle of Artificial Intelligence
The Ultimate Victory of the Human Being
Winning the War Against Thinking
So you've emptied your brain. Now what?
I like to sit and think. People think I’m mad. Try it.
Should You Trust It Will Be Good When Everything Looks Bad?
A letter to a Jew at the doors of the next world
Even as the cold blade of a sharp sword lies upon your neck…
How Does Yom Kippur Work?
DIY Soul Repair
Only you can fix yourself. What does a particular day of the year have to offer?
Why Is Rosh Hashanah Before Yom Kippur?
Is it possible we've gotten these holidays all wrong?
Maybe we’ve got everything 100% wrong. Because if we’re thinking the holidays are backward, it’s likely we’ve got their meanings backward.
The Tear-Soaked Selichot of Reb Meir
Squeezing Out the Jewish Heart
Tehillim With Tears
Audio | 13:24
Tehillim With Tears
On the lifelong journey to get out one sincere word.
How To Avoid Exploding In Elul
On the ugly necessity of growing up
What happens if you gain wisdom but refuse to grow up?
Three Simple Steps To Disarm an Angry Person
Turn confrontation into friendship
Return bullets with flowers. Lie low. Ponder what you like about this person. And then defuse the whole situation with a smile.
Three Friends and Three Dogs
A Parable of the Baal Shem Tov
A king had three friends. But he was informed that they were not his friends. So he gave each of the three friends a royal dog.
America’s White Militant Neo-Antisemitism
What Are Its Causes and How Can We Defeat It?
The only way to actually reduce antisemitism is to deal with it at its core.
Why Now Is the Time for a Moment of Silence
What could be more valuable to a young mind than respite from the noise?
Poway and the Struggle for America’s Soul
If you’re a Jew in America today, there’s a good chance you’re concerned.
Is the Haggadah's Retort to the Wicked Child Wicked Parenting?
Redeeming the Wicked Child of Passover
The Haggadah and Jewish Education
How the Haggadah turns education on its head
From a child's answers, you might know something about what the child knows. From a child's question, you know who the child is.
Divine Madness
Audio | 8:08
Divine Madness
Psilocybin and the 40-Year Trip
If you don't get there on your own, you're prone to trip and fall.
10 Things I Really Don't Want to Hear from My Rabbi on Rosh Hashanah
An open letter
Rabbi, here are a few tips, just suggestions mind you, of things you might say in your sermon that might interest me—if come.
What Brought This Rebel Back for Rosh Hashanah
On the utter awesomeness of the Days of Awe
By adolescence I was doing my own thing on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur—and it wasn't anywhere near a synagogue.
Darkness Speaks
Audio | 7:06
Darkness Speaks
From the book, “Wisdom to Heal the Earth”
At the outset of Creation, He removed all light. And that is the source of all that ever goes wrong.
Free Will and G-d's Plans
All the responsibility, no room for despair
Who Came Up With Tikkun Olam?
Don’t surrender. Don’t escape. Fix the world.
From the soon-to-be-released book “Wisdom to Fix the Earth”
What’s a conscious being like me doing in a cold universe like this?
It is the height of human audacity to assume that we are fantastic instances of consciousness that have somehow emerged out of a dumb universe—much like the teenager who can’t understand how such a bright guy like me came from parents who have no brains.