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Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 5

Yosef Sends the Brothers Back Home to Bring Binyamin

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Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 5: Yosef Sends the Brothers Back Home to Bring Binyamin

Ch. 42 verses 24-38: Yosef sends the brothers home to Canaan with sacks of grain. He keeps Shimon as a prisoner until they return with Binyamin, however he releases him as soon as they leave. On the way home Levi finds the money that he payed for his grain in his sack. The brothers are concerned. They tell Yaakov all that happened in Egypt; about Shimon's incarceration and that they would have to bring Binyamin down to Egypt. They all find their money in their sacks and they are frightened. Reuvain guarantees to bring back Binyamin and he offers the lives of his two sons as collateral. Yaakov refuses to send him and bemoans his fate.
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