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Chumash Classes: Mikeitz

Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 1
Pharaoh Calls on Yosef to Interpret his Dreams
Ch. 41 verses 1-13: Introduction, Pharaoh has two dreams and no one is able to interpret them to his satisfaction. The butler finally remembers Yosef to Pharaoh as he promised.
Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 2
Pharaoh Appoints Yosef to the Position of Viceroy of Egypt
Ch. 41 verses 14-41: Yosef interprets Pharaoh's dream. Pharaoh appoints him to the position of viceroy of Egypt, since he sees in him the spirit of G-d.
Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 3
The Seven Years of Plenty and the Seven Years of Famine
Ch. 41 verses 42-57: Pharaoh appoints Yosef as his viceroy. He changes his name and gives him a wife. She bears him two sons. The seven years of plenty come and Yosef stores up all the grain in Egypt. Then the years of famine begin and the people feel it immediately. Their grain rots but his remains edible. He opens up the storehouses and feeds Egypt and the world.
Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 4
Yaakov Sends Ten of His Sons to Egypt to Buy Grain
Ch. 42 verses 1-23: Yaakov sends 10 of his sons to Egypt to buy grain. They go there with the intent of locating Yosef and freeing him. Yosef, the viceroy recognizes them but they do not recognize him. He accuses them of being spies and puts them in jail for three days. He decides to free all but one of them on the condition that they return to Egypt with their youngest brother to prove their innocence. Seeing that the viceroy had reevaluated his decision made them relook their lack of compassion for Yosef when they sold him.
Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 5
Yosef Sends the Brothers Back Home to Bring Binyamin
Ch. 42 verses 24-38: Yosef sends the brothers home to Canaan with sacks of grain. He keeps Shimon as a prisoner until they return with Binyamin, however he releases him as soon as they leave. On the way home Levi finds the money that he payed for his grain in his sack. The brothers are concerned. They tell Yaakov all that happened in Egypt; about Shimon's incarceration and that they would have to bring Binyamin down to Egypt. They all find their money in their sacks and they are frightened. Reuvain guarantees to bring back Binyamin and he offers the lives of his two sons as collateral. Yaakov refuses to send him and bemoans his fate.
Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 6
Yaakov is forced to send his sons back to Egypt for food
Chp. 43 verses 1 -24: The famine continues and Yaakov is forced to send his sons back to Egypt for food. Yehuda tells his father that he will personally guarantee Binyamin's safety. Yaakov sends his eleven sons with money and gifts for the viceroy. They come to Egypt and Yosef sees Binyamin. He has them taken to his house for a meal. They go but are very uneasy thinking that he may only want to put them back in prison. Yosef's attendant assures them that everything was fine and he brings out Shimon. They follow the attendant into the house and he gives them water and food for their animals.
Chumash Classes: Mikeitz, Part 7
Yosef has his cup placed in the sack of Binyamin
Chp. 43 verses 25 -34 chp. 44 verses 1 - 17; The brothers prepare for their meal with Yosef. He sees Binyamin and is moved to tears. He eats and drinks with his brothers. Chp. 44 He has his attendant place his silver cup in the sack of Binyamin. The brothers leave with their sacks filled with grain but are overtaken by Yosef's attendant who accuses them of stealing his masters cup. He searches and finds it in the sack of Binyamin. They all go back to the viceroy and he tells them that they are all free to go but Binyamin will stay as his servant for the theft.
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