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The Holy Temple (15 Classes)

A series of classes on the Holy Temple and its significance

For 830 years -- from 833 to 423 BCE and again from 349 BCE to 69 CE -- there stood an edifice upon a Jerusalem hilltop which served as the point of contact between heaven and earth.

The Temple, Whose Choice
The Inner Temple
Audio | 43:35
The Inner Temple
The inner dimension of the Holy Temple on a collective and individual level and how it relates to us in the here and now.
The Hidden Ark - Part 1
Audio | 38:06
The Hidden Ark
Part 1 of 3
The Hidden Ark - Part 2
Audio | 36:36
The Hidden Ark
Part 2 of 3
The Hidden Ark - Part 3
Audio | 23:08
The Hidden Ark
Part 3 of 3
The Spiritual Sanctuary
G-d commands the Jewish people in this week's Torah portion to build Him a sanctuary. It starts out as the Mishkan and develops into the first and second and soon to be third Temple in Jerusalem. Why is it that from all the commandments, this one has such an evolution and change from the original commandment?
The Menorah: The Ultimate GPS System
An in depth look at how and where the Menorah was placed in the Temple.
The Mishkan – Tabernacle
This class explains the need for the three types of metals of gold, silver and copper in the mishkan and the three opinions on when it was constructed.
The Holy Ark
Audio | 51:28
The Holy Ark
The Holy of Holies housed the golden Ark which contained the holy Tablets. This class presents an in-depth study of this most sacred article – the Aron.
The Altar – Mizbeiach
This class expounds upon the inner dimension of the mizbeiach – the altar upon which offerings were brought in the holy Temple.
The Menorah
This class illuminates the special quality of the Temple menorah and the deeper meaning to its required details and design.
The Kiyor
This class sets forth the special significance of the kiyor – the wash basin the kohen uses in preparation to the service in the Temple.
Halacha - Beit Ha'Mikdash
The laws of constructing the Beit Ha’Mikdash - the Holy Temple - as codified by the Rambam.
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