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Throughout our 4000-year history, the observance of kosher has been a hallmark of Jewish identity. Perhaps more than any other "mitzvah," the kosher laws emphasize that Judaism is much more than a "religion" in the conventional sense of the word.

Kosher - A Diet for the Soul
Audio | 1:00:18
Kosher - A Diet for the Soul
Jewish Essentials - Part 3
Learn the basic principles for the Jew’s diet of kosher and whet your palette with its significance and meaning. This class is the third of a six-part lecture series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
Dining and Drinking
Fine Dining the Jewish way: Discover the ins and outs of dining out on the road; keeping kosher out of your home and getting acquainted with kosher food and drink products at your local stores and pharmacies.
To Life, To Life - L'Chaim!
1) Getting acquainted with “Kosher Spirits” 2) The "Real Deal" on Wine, Beer, Scotch & Single Malt Whiskies
Why is Kosher Meat So Salty?
The laws, customs and deeper meanings of the prohibition of consuming blood.
Kabbalah On Cheeseburgers
Were they always Treif, or did the Torah originally only prohibit a Kid in its Mother's Milk? Was this forbidden mix banned over concerns for Health & Nutrition? This taste of Kabbalah will give you lots to chew on as you learn about this mitzvah's essential ingredients.
Kabbalah on Pork
Audio | 59:54
Kabbalah on Pork
How and why did the pig become the ultimate symbol of Treif? Is this Mitzvah beyond human comprehension, or can you sink your teeth into the meat of this mystery? More importantly, was this succulent food always prohibited, and can it ever become Kosher?
The Signs for Kosher Species
The Torah prescribes which animal species are kosher by requiring them to have specific identifying signs. What is the significance of these particular kosher signs?
The Jew’s Special Diet
Audio | 47:51
The Jew’s Special Diet
This class provides profound insights into the mitzvah of eating Kosher.
The Significance of Tevilas Kelim
This class explains the deeper significance behind the mitzvah of Tevilas Kelim - immersing food vessels in a Mikvah before their use.
Halachah: Kosher Laws
These classes detail the intricate halachos of the kosher kitchen.
Laws of Kosher – Milk and Meat
This class surveys the laws of kosher, specifically the details of milk and meat.
Laws of Koshering the Kitchen
This class surveys the laws of koshering a kitchen, and also laws associated with immersing utensils known as tevilat keilim.
Judaism’s Food Obsession
Secrets of the Kabbalah on Food and Eating
The Importance of Kosher
Understanding the Soul’s Diet
The dietary laws of kosher are divine commandments that transcend human reason, yet it makes sense that the soul needs a regulated diet.
Eating Kosher
The Jewish Dietary Laws
A three-part series introducing the basics of maintaining a kosher diet.
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