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Halacha - Jewish Law

Jewish laws and its guidelines are extensive. A variety of classes on different levels, teaching the rules and laws and how they are practiced.

Our Obsession with Yahrtzeit and Kaddish
The importance of saying Kaddish. The reason a soul comes down here to this world. The relationship between G-d, the soul and the body. What happens when the soul passes on.
The Stock Market
Audio | 57:37
The Stock Market
Are you allowed to invest in a company that works on Shabbat? What about a bank that lends with interest?
Charity, The Priorities
What are the eight levels in charity? To whom do you have to give Charity first? What is the best way to give Charity? How much Charity must one give? Is there a limit to the amount of charity I can give?
The Seven Noahide Laws
Audio | 1:13:34
The Seven Noahide Laws
Who has to keep the seven laws of Noah? Why are they called Noahide laws? An in-depth look at this set of laws.
Cloning in Jewish Law
The four categories of Jewish law: Under which of the four categories does cloning fall; to whom does the child belong; what makes a child yours according to the Jewish law.
Why is Kosher Meat So Salty?
The laws, customs and deeper meanings of the prohibition of consuming blood.
Halacha and Terrorism
Audio | 1:22:20
Halacha and Terrorism
What is one permitted to do in hostile situations in-which innocent people are caught in the crossfire and how do we determine who is innocent when the enemy are using human shields?
Economic Competition - Hasagas Gevul
The laws regarding economic competition.
The Laws of Birth & Brit Milah
The laws and customs associated with birth, the mitzvah of circumcision and redeeming the firstborn.
Wedding Customs
Audio | 1:13:41
Wedding Customs
What are our customs at a Jewish wedding? Where do these customs stem from?
Siamese Twins: So One May Stay Alive
A true story of Siamese Twins that needed to undergo surgery, unfortunately, the doctors felt that only one would make it. Why should or shouldn't the doctors be allowed to go ahead with such a surgery?
Ethics of the Spoken Word
Gossip is the easiest sin to commit; words rise almost unbidden, yet it is one of the easiest sins to avoid; it is a matter of simply holding our tongue.
The Laws of Tale Bearing
The tremendous power of a persons tongue; defining the various classifications of negative speech we are instructed to absolutely avoid.
The Laws of Lashon Hara
The difference between Lashon Hara, Rechilus, and Motzy Shaim Rah. The importance of watching what we say.
The Laws of Interest
Audio | 1:04:56
The Laws of Interest
Ribis - the prohibition of lending money on interest; an in-depth look at what constitutes Ribis, how to get around it and its ramifications in our everyday business dealings.
In Stormy Times…
Audio | 1:29:27
In Stormy Times…
An analysis of the inner workings of Halachah and the incredible stories of faith under fire; the untold heroic saga of Jewish observance during the Holocaust.
Medical Ethics and Jewish Law
The Torah's view on organ donation, cremation and the right to die.
Questions And Answers
Question and Answer session on organ donation, cremation and the right to die.
Euthanasia in Halachah
Audio | 1:27:19
Euthanasia in Halachah
A close look at Talmudic sources and the Code of Jewish Law on the subject of euthanasia, the criteria in establishing death and its application to contemporary situations.
AIDS - A Jewish Perspective
Halachic perspectives on AIDS: Doctors who put their lives in jeopardy and other complications that are associated with this.
Clones - Are They Kosher?
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The astonishing ways of cloning and the Halachic views. Also, a source for cloning from thousands of years ago.
MSG in Foods - Blessing or Curse
The Rabbi and the Scientist
The history of green evolutions one and green evolutions two; what scientists think about genetic modified foods; what is allowed and what is not allowed according to Jewish law?
The Jewish Court
Audio | 1:26:45
The Jewish Court
Discover the true meaning of “an eye for an eye” and ideals of Jewish justice. Learn about the process of a Get (Jewish bill of divorce) and women’s rights in light of Jewish law.
Arguments in the Torah
Understanding the origin of disputes in Jewish law and how they evolved, and the process by which they’re resolved.
The Contemporary Use of Genetics in Jewish Law
A discussion regarding DNA testing in Rabbinical courts, including identifying someone as deceased, paternity testing, and proof of Jewish identity.
The Rambam and the Kuzari on the Spiritual Capacity of the Ger Tzedek
Part one of a two-part series on the position of the convert in Jewish society. Does a convert enjoy absolute and full equality? Find out in this in-depth class from renowned scholar, Rabbi Chaim Rapoport.
Positions of Leadership for a Ger Tzedek
Part two of a two-part series on the position of the convert in Jewish society. Can a convert be a Rabbi? Find out in this in-depth class from renowned scholar, Rabbi Chaim Rapoport.
Must Women Hear the Reading of Parshat Zachor?
Are women obligated in the positive commandment to 'remember Amalek?' If they are obligated, why historically did they not attend the synagogue?
How May One Atone for Desecrating G-d's Name?
Is death the only way to attain complete clemency?
Is Veal or Foie Gras Permitted?
Audio | 48:16
Is Veal or Foie Gras Permitted?
Animal cruelty in Jewish Law - Part 1
Animal Experiments and Rodent Extermination
Animal cruelty in Jewish Law - Part 2
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