The Higher Life

Life on the Other Side

An exploration into the Jewish view of death, mourning, the soul's journey and the after-life.

The Afterlife is Really the Higher Life
The soul existed before the body and the soul always remains because it is a piece of G-d. When we understand this, then the Afterlife is a natural part of our journey.
How Does Judaism View Death?
While Judaism values life to an extreme and we do whatever we can to preserve life, when death occurs we recognize that there is a divine plan.
From Earth You Came and to Earth You Will Return
What is special about a grave site and what causes us to visit there?
What Happens When We Get to the Next World?
The Torah focuses on this world and not the next world because what we can accomplish here is so valuable. Nevertheless, our world is upside down and truth and clarity occurs only in the world to come.
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