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How Do Mezuzahs Work?

How on earth does a parchment scroll with Hebrew inscriptions increase your personal safety? Here is how the great rabbis understood it.
Why Are Tefillin From Animal Hide?

Here are two explanations that the mystics give as to why tefillin needs to be made of leather.
How Does Prayer Replicate Sacrifices?

There is another purpose to daily prayer that is relevant to everyone.
By the Numbers
18 Myths & Facts About Judaism & Jewish People

Here are some of the greatest and most persistent myths about Judaism and the Jewish people. How many of them are new to you?
The Other Darkness

What can we learn from darkness? Is there an upside to it?
For Your Bo Study Group (PDF)
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Why the Rush to Leave Egypt?

Our ancestors had spent 210 years in Egypt. They couldn’t wait a few more hours? Why the mad rush?
Finding G-d in the Psych Ward

Bashie’s harrowing struggle against anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder is a journey that takes her from the depths of isolation and despair to the profound joy of knowing that a Jew is never alone.
From Rescuing Seals to Reviving Souls

As an exchange student to Germany I knew all about the Berlin Wall, but nothing about the Western Wall.
A Torah Walks into a Bar

Back then, a good time meant going to bars, trying new drinks, “playing the field”—all the things secular culture told me would make me happy but which just left me feeling alone and alienated.
Faith Reconfirmed in a First-Time Uber Ride

I awoke that morning with hesitancy; I ended the day with gratification.
How manifold are Your works, O G-d; You have made them all with wisdom
— Psalms 104:24
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The Exodus began at midnight.

We departed at midday.

To tell you that even at your darkest hour, you have the power to shatter your chains.

And even at your brightest moment, you must say, “From this, too, I must break free.”

11 Nisan, 5744.